Wickens and Hinchcliffe acting out 'Days of Thunder' is a true gift


Though our race stewards couldn't come to an agreement, one thing is clear: Robert Wickens and James Hinchcliffe are an absolute treat.

The Schmidt Peterson Motorsport teammates put together a reenactment of a "Days of Thunder" scene in a way only they could. It starts when Hinchcliffe's wheelchair collides with Wickens'. This is where the disagreement begins.

Drive trough @Hinchtown for avoidable contact over @robertwickens .... we neee him in now #steward @IndyCar https://t.co/NSMhTK9zgz

Boys will be boys haha , oh and no penalties

Soon, the two break out in a full-speed race. There's more contact and wheel-to-wheel racing and things get pretty intense.

We should expect antics like this by now. It's not the first time these racers have acted up.

UPDATE: @Hinchtown got busted 👮‍♂️😂 pic.twitter.com/9UuNmgvoud

They close the video with a fist bump. So, we're sure Hinchcliffe will remain at the side of his Canadian teammate as he recovers. Long live the Eh Team.

I guess I’ll never get be Tom Cruise as long as @hinchtown is around... Edit by @itskarliwoods #daysofthunder #RowdyBurns #hospitallife #ehteam pic.twitter.com/w01rKANlBa

The best racing we've seen in weeks 😂 https://t.co/NcHXphwlxK

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