Team INDYCAR "still in it" as Amazing Race hits halfway


Verizon IndyCar Series drivers Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly reached the halfway point of The Amazing Race on Wednesday night.

The sixth leg of CBS’s Emmy Award-winning adventure series saw the seven remaining teams race from France to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Team INDYCAR, which finished fifth in the previous leg, found itself behind from the start of the leg. Teams had to book their own flight to Prague, and based on its start time, Rossi and Daly were one of three teams force to travel on a second flight which arrived an hour after the first four teams.

Arriving in Prague, teams could have faced the first double U-Turn of the season, in which an opposing team could make an opponent accomplish two tasks in Prague.

No opposing team chose to U-Turn Rossi and Daly (Team Big Brother did U-Turn Team Well Strung) and the pair chose a task where they had to stack empty beer kegs, locate a keg that had beer and pour a perfect mug of the popular Czech beverage.

After accomplishing the perfect pour, the drivers rushed off to the riverbank and a boat called Fidelio on the river, and though they had success, some cracks in the team began to show.

“Your confidence is a little much at times,” Daly said

“And your pessimism is a little much at times.” Rossi replied.

At the roadblock, teams had to achieve task to find the Franz Kafka phrase “the meaning of life is that it stops” recorded on eight phones in a room of ringing phones. Rossi, working with Team Big Brother and Ocean Rescue, quickly got the information, but some of it was incorrect information from Jessica Graf of Team Big Brother, who got the answer for her team before telling Rossi the correct answer.

 “Big Brother screwed us,” Rossi said as he met with Daly to race to Letenske Park, the final stop on the leg in fifth place.

In the end, though, the team was able to pass  both Ocean Rescue and Big Brother and finished in fourth place. The duo remains in the race with six legs remaining, but were warned to be prepared for anything to happen in the remaining legs.

Team Extreme, professional skiiers Kristi and Jen, won the leg and a trip to Australia while Team Well Strung was eliminated.

“We’re still in it,” Daly said

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