You could say Harvey Firestone reinvented the wheel. Because when he started the Firestone Tire Company, he changed the way we drive. Behind everything he did was a commitment to being ahead of the curve — from the invention of non-skid tread to a racing legacy that’s second to none. Today his pioneering spirit can still be found within our company’s strong culture of innovation. Have a look at the timeline below to see just how far we’ve come in our pursuit of excellence.


We join 85 leading companies in the “Plan for Progress,” a movement to end discriminatory hiring practices.


We introduce the concept of wide, low-profile tires for high-performance cars — something that quickly takes hold around the world.

A new world land speed record of 576.553 miles per hour is set at the Bonneville, Utah, Salt Flats — with a set of Firestone tires.


The first steel radial with run-flat capability is introduced by Firestone. It’s capable of continuing for more than 50 miles at up to 40 miles per hour after a flat.


At 75 years old, Firestone has grown into a multi-billion dollar, diversified, international manufacturing and merchandising enterprise. Our operations can be found in 28 countries and six continents.


Our radial tire revolution has come full circle: All U.S.-made cars now exclusively feature radial tires. By contrast, in 1971 radial tires made up only 2 percent of sales to Detroit automakers.


Bridgestone and Firestone announce a joint tire-manufacturing venture. The matchup works. One year later, plans are announced to merge into a single corporation.