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The Andretti family, like the Firestone Brand, has been synonymous with racing for generations. It’s a tradition—and a way of life—passed down from legendary champ Mario to his son Michael to grandson Marco. Explore the passion and drive behind the Andretti family legacy.

The Andrettis

The Andretti name has become synonymous with racing – built on generations of champions. See how one man’s passion and dedication shaped the identity of a family.

Mario Andretti

The name Mario Andretti is synonymous with speed, passion and winning. Andretti chased his impossible dream, and in doing so, redefined what it takes to be a legend.

Michael Andretti

With the Andretti DNA, it’s no surprise that Michael Andretti found his calling in Indy car racing. While wins and championships define his career as a driver, much of his pride comes from his racer son, Marco. Michael’s true legacy is rooted not in fame, but in family.

Marco Andretti

As a 3rd-generation racer with the last name Andretti, Marco Andretti has higher expectations than most. Overcoming the pressure has fueled both his passion for racing and a fervent desire to build on the Andretti family legacy.

The Andretti Legacy

Racing royalty built on a legendary legacy. Driven by a passion for the sport, the Andretti family has written some of the most important chapters in racing history books … and they’re not done yet.

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