“Lee’s Day Out” (2015)

Like Lee, who realizes that his truck was meant for more than boring errands and decides to break his truck out of its shell and go do some truck stuff. Thanks to his long-link carbon reinforced Firestone Destination A/T tires, Lee can conquer any terrain and do all the truck stuff he always wanted to do. Whatever you drive, drive a Firestone.

“Ann’s Epic Errand” (2015)

Like Ann, who realizes that picking up party favors for her son’s birthday party doesn’t have to be a mundane task. Thanks to her Firestone Destination LE2 tires, which feature patented treads for maximum wet traction and a 60,000 mile treadwear limited warranty, she not only super sizes the party, but has a great time getting the most out of her truck while doing it. Whatever you drive, drive a Firestone.

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