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Whether your passion is safety, luxury, adventure, or just staying on budget—let Rocket Chevrolet help you pick out the right Firestone tires. Head to your nearby Rocket Chevrolet in Shelby, Ohio, today and get expert advice, world-class tires, and great customer service.

The right tire for your vehicle

From our WeatherGrip tires, designed keep you safely in control no matter the weather, to our Destination tires, providing a quiet ride and traction for your SUV, CUV or truck—the experts at Rocket Chevrolet can help you find a tire that’s the perfect fit for how you drive. Visit your nearby Rocket Chevrolet in Shelby, Ohio, today.

Where to get Firestone Tires

Ready to outfit your vehicle with high quality Firestone tires? Visit Rocket Chevrolet at 40 Mickey Rd, or call (419) 342-3010 today to make an appointment and let an expert technician help you find the right fit for your vehicle.