4x4 vehicle on dirt road with off road tires

Shop Tires by Type

At Firestone, we build tires designed to keep the adventure going. Explore our different tire types for your perfect driving experience. 


Crossover car driving on street with firestone all season tires

All Season

Tires that don’t take vacations. All-season tires designed to take on wet, dry, and light winter conditions so you can take on the open road year-round. 

Truck kicking up dirt driving off road


Who said the roads were the only place for driving? Take the trail less traveled with tires built for tough terrains. 

SUV type car driving on remote road


Find peace of mind on the road with tires that blend a quiet and easy ride for your ultimate comfort. 

Car driving on winding highway with summer tires


Bringing track-inspired performance to the streets for thrilling rides in the summer heat.

Jeep driving on snowy road with Destination tires


Show the winter weather who’s in charge with tires ready to take on the harshest road conditions. 

Toyota 4x4 truck driving in an off-road desert environment.


From the back roads to the city streets, confidently cruise on which ever road is calling your name. 

4x4 pickup truck driving in muddy conditions.


Get the job done with tires built to tackle whatever the terrain throws at them.

Sedan driving on road in forest.

Maximum Traction / Mud

Bite into off-road surfaces with tires as aggressive as the terrain you’re on. 

Sedan driving on highway with Firestone tires


Respond to the road with quiet and comfortable tires you can rely on.

Off road truck driving through mud and water with Firestone Destination tires.

All Terrain

Drive confidently with superior traction on wet and dry surfaces with tires built to perform off the beaten path.

Muscle car squealing out on dirt on side of road


Let your sports car perform the way it was designed to with tires that will maximize your grip and control of the road.