Firestone has a variety of tires for your truck, car or SUV to take on any highway, backroad or trail. Select your wheel size below to explore a wide selection of Firestone tires for your vehicle and driving conditions.

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Finding the perfect tire for your car, truck or SUV is as easy as selecting your tire size. Your size can be found in a few locations: on the inside frame of the driver's side door, inside the glove box door, your driver's manual or your tire's sidewall. 

Tire sizes are comprised of a few key sections organized in a uniform manner. The first letters, either "P" or "LT", stand for passenger or light truck. Following that, the first number represents the width of the tire and the second is the aspect ratio, or your tire height in relation to the width. This is followed by a letter that indicates the construction of your tire, and then lastly, the rim size, or your wheel diameter. Once you have this information, you can select the right wheel diameter for your vehicle and quickly find the tire that best suits your needs.