2022 Race 16: Grand Prix of Portland

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Gallagher Grand Prix Race Track

TIRE TRACKER: Grand Prix of Portland

  • Firestone is supplying more than 1,400 race tires for the Grand Prix of Portland Each entry receives the following allocation of Firestone Firehawk race tires:
  • Primary (black sidewall): 6 sets per entry*
  • Guayule (green sidewall): 4 sets per entry
  • Rain (gray sidewall): 5 sets per entry

*Does not include rookie set


“The track at Portland International Raceway has a unique transition on turn one, adding to the excitement of the race. In terms of the surface, it is not a high degradation track with very mild weather in Portland, making tire strategy imperative to a good performance. We are bringing the same primary and alternate tire compound and construction used at the 2021 Grand Prix of Portland.”

- Cara Krstolic, Director of Race Tire Engineering and Production, Bridgestone Americas Motorsports

Gallagher Grand Prix Indy Car


At road course circuits like Portland International Raceway, tire strategy plays a key role in the drive to victory lane. Teams have to decide when it’s best to run the primary tires (black sidewall) – which offer a competitive balance between speed, cornering and durability – or opt for the alternate tires (red sidewall) that deliver faster speeds and better corning on a softer compound that wears quicker.



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