You could say Harvey Firestone reinvented the wheel. Because when he started the Firestone Tire Company, he changed the way we drive. Behind everything he did was a commitment to being ahead of the curve — from the invention of non-skid tread to a racing legacy that’s second to none. Today his pioneering spirit can still be found within our company’s strong culture of innovation. Have a look at the timeline below to see just how far we’ve come in our pursuit of excellence.


The first commercially sponsored musical program on radio, The Voice of Firestone, hits the air. The program’s run lasts for thirty-five years and helps to launch the careers of some of America’s best known entertainers.


Harvey Firestone sets out to improve on the early farming tractor’s steel wheels. In addition to their hard ride and relentless vibration, the wheels often slip and provide little traction. Firestone “Puts the Farm on Rubber” by offering the first practical low-pressure pneumatic tractor tire. The increased economy, traction, and comfort is an obvious win as farmers nationwide convert to rubber-tired wheels.


War looms in Europe and Asia, threatening natural rubber supplies. In service to our country, we develop synthetic rubber and start making special tires for military vehicles.

The Indy 500 is won using a set of Firestone synthetic rubber tires.


We become the first company to regularly present its own TV program: Firestone Televues. The first show airs on the same night The Voice of Firestone radio program celebrates its 15th anniversary.


With 25 consecutive Indianapolis 500 victories, our racing legacy is now firmly established.


Firestone celebrates 50 years in business. We’ve now grown from a small company to a worldwide organization that employs more than 70,000 people.


Tires are wildly popular — we’re now producing one million pounds of rubber a day and have become the world’s largest rubber producer.


We open our 7.7-mile test track, the Texas proving grounds. First order of business: To create a racing tire capable of withstanding speeds over 190 mph. (Spoiler: We succeeded.)