Truck with Firestone Destination tires driving in wed muddy conditions.


When your truck or SUV is spending more time off the beaten path than on it, Maximum Traction (MT) tires are designed to deliver the highest level of safety and control on sand, rocks, mud, and the unknown that comes with the path not taken. The best MT tires are engineered with deep wide tread patterns that are able to grip the ground even when grooves are embedded in soil. Firestone’s innovation in MT technology includes rejectors that push debris out of the grooves for even better grip.

Features of the Firestone Mud Tires

JEEP with Firestone Destination tires driving over a fallen tree.
Tire Made for Off-Roading
Max-traction tires designed to meet the needs of trucks and SUVs that are driven off-road, over rocky surfaces and through mud, as well as on the highway.
Confident Tread and Traction
With mud and stone rejectors, our M/T tires are built to clear debris from the tread and maximize usable life so you never have to stop your adventure.
Balanced Performance
Mud tires are engineered to provide impressive performance in dry, wet and snowy conditions so you can handle the most severe driving conditions and whatever the trail throws at you.
Harshest Terrain Capabilities
Built with a 3-ply sidewall construction and aggressive upper sidewall lugs, Firestone M/T tires are engineeredfor impressive traction in the mud and a strong resistance to chips and tears – you’ll have the confidence you need to explore Mother Nature’s playground.
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