Firestone Tire Reviews

Depending on the functionality you need, Firestone tire reviews based on the type of tire could help you choose the best option for your vehicle and for your lifestyle. View all tire ratings and reviews below, clicking on specific tires to read more.

All Season Tire Reviews

Firestone All Season Tires are built for performance in wet, dry, and snowy conditions.

Truck Tire Reviews

Firestone Light/Medium Truck Tires are made for all types of terrain.

Maximum Traction Tire Reviews

Firestone Maximum Traction Tires are engineered to keep you moving through the harshest, muddiest terrain.

Passenger Tire Reviews

Firestone Passenger Tires are designed for reliable traction.

Performance Tire Reviews

Firestone Performance Tires provide maximum grip for handling, speed, and braking.

Summer Tire Reviews

Firestone Summer Tires are built for high performance on wet roads.

Touring Tire Reviews

Firestone Touring Tires are built to deliver a smooth ride.

Winter Tire Reviews

Firestone Winter Tires are designed to handle winter conditions.

Winter/Snow/Ice Tire Reviews

Firestone Winter/Snow/Ice Tires are designed to provide solid traction in winter conditions.

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