Firestone Transforce CV



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Transforce CV

Light/Medium Truck, All Season

Firestone Transforce CV tires are designed to fit Euro Commercial Vans (Ford Transit, Ram Promaster City, and more) and perform well during any season. Firestone’s latest innovations provide you with solid traction in wet conditions as well as improvements on uneven wear when carrying heavy loads. Whether rain or shine, these tires offer a strong, quiet, and fuel-efficient performance.



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    to help improve uneven wear, even with hearvy loads*


    provides biting edges in snow while maintaining block stiffness


    provides water evacuation to help reduce the risk of hydroplaning*

Performance Information

  • Dry Performance

  • Fuel Efficiency

  • Quiet Ride

  • Ride Comfort

  • Tread Life

  • Wet Performance

  • Winter/Snow/Ice


Tire Size Service Desc Load Range Speed Rating Sidewall Styling Article Number Appr. Rim Width Overall Tire Diameter Tread Depth Tire Weight Warranty Miles
205/65R15C 102 C T BLACKWALL 004706 5.5-6.5 25.5 14 27.0 0
195/75R16C 107 D R BLACKWALL 004708 5.0-6.0 27.5 12 27.0 0
235/65R16C 121 E R BLACKWALL 004709 6.5-8.5 28.0 13 34.0 0
215/50R17 95 EXTRA LOAD H BLACKWALL 008698 6.0-7.5 25.5 12 24.0 0
215/55R16 97 EXTRA LOAD H BLACKWALL 008699 6.0-7.5 25.3 12 25.0 0
Transforce Reasons To Buy

Built to keep you on the road in any weather

  • All-season performance

  • Delivers solid traction in wet conditions while maintaining a quiet ride

  • Improved fuel efficiency*

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